We will be open this weekend (3/21 and 3/22). However we do ask you to follow a few rules:

1. Social Distancing. We are going to work on spreading out the picnic tables so there is distance between each other.

2. DO NOT share masks/goggles.

3. Rentals will be $55, for Airsoft and Paintball Rentals and these will be very limited. The reason for the higher price we are going to be giving you a mask to KEEP. When you would like to come back you will get a $5 dollar discount when you bring your mask. Rentals will very limited and first come first serve.

4. If you are sick stay home and follow the guidelines that have been issued.

5. Airsoft- Due to insurance by April 1st everyone does have to have a barrel bag and you need to have some type of lower face protection.