If you have your own gear. You do NOT need to make a reservation!

Rentals must reserve on-line! 

These new rules MUST be followed to keep customers safe.

1. Please do not come to the park if you have a fever or have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19.

2. All customers/persons entering the park must have a face covering on at ALL times. Paintball Googles or Goggles and Lower Face masks for Airsoft are required when playing on the paintball field. Protective masks are required as soon as you exit the field. You do not need to wear a covid mask under your mask when playing.

3. There are plenty of picnic tables, that are spread out over 6 feet apart, please stay within your group.

4. YOU MUST print off and fill out a waiver, if you haven’t for 2020 season. This is to help move things along and make sure people are not passing items back and fourth.

5. Rentals will be available. You will be required to make a reservation before hand so we can properly prepare and have the exact amount for each day.