Capital Combat Zone is proud to offer a paintball and airsoft facility that is safe, friendly and fun for all. Capital Combat Zone offers an urban ops scenario paintball field, along with a NXL speedball field!


Our number one priority is SAFETY! To insure participant safety, we have experienced referees on all playing fields. Trained referees are in place to enforce all rules, and to handle any situations that may emerge.

It is expected that good sportsmanship be present at all times while on the premises. Capital Combat Zone Will Not tolerate ANY misconduct, and will evict any persons that do not comply with all rules of the field.

How to book a reservation?2019-04-03T04:39:24-05:00

To book a reservation you can make a reservation though our website, be sure to follow all the instructions!

How old do you have to be play?2019-04-03T04:40:05-05:00

Participants must be at least 10 years of age. To insure the safety of all players, parents or guardians of participants under the age of 18 must sign a liability waiver.

Do parents or guardians have to stay or participate?2019-04-03T04:44:09-05:00

Parents or guardians are not required to stay or participate.

Where can I buy paintball gear?2019-04-03T04:44:18-05:00

We have a local vendor, Tri-City Extreme. You are able to order though their website and pick it up at the field on the weekend!

Can I bring my own paint?2019-04-03T04:44:22-05:00

Capital Combat Zone is field paint only field, which means you can only use paintballs that were purchased at Capital Combat Zone.

What is the FPS Limit?2019-04-03T04:43:40-05:00

The FPS (Feet per second) that is allowed at Capital Combat Zone is 280.

Do you fill CO2?2019-04-03T04:44:47-05:00

We do not fill Co2, we only fill compressed air. We do have compressed air tanks available to rent.

How many people do you typically have on the weekends?2019-04-03T04:45:34-05:00

We usually have 50 to 100 a people.

What is airsoft’s face protection rule?2019-04-03T04:53:06-05:00

Minors are required to wear full face protection Adults are required to wear sealed goggles.

What is Airsoft’s FPS?2019-04-03T04:53:36-05:00

Airsoft FPS at Capital Combat Zone is 400FPS unless you have a sniper riffle, then it is 500FPS with and engagement rule of 75 feet.

Can I use Thunder B’s?2019-04-03T04:47:06-05:00

Yes, you can.

Can I use my own BB’s?2019-04-03T04:47:35-05:00

Yes you can.

Do you have rental Airsoft Equipment?2019-04-03T04:48:20-05:00

Yes, we do but it is first come first serve.